Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Education Officer

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Grace Carter (Left Action)

The vicious attacks by university administration over the last two years on staff jobs and courses has proved beyond all doubt that uni management is not on our side. It’s past time ANUSA got that memo. As Education Officer, I’m for prioritising absolutely the campaign against attacks on staff and students, involving as many students as possible to run an effective activist campaign. I’ve got a proven track record in activism through the anti-outsourcing NHC campaign as well as many others, and it’s this socialist, activist perspective I’ll be bringing to ANUSA. It’s the job of a student union to take strong, political stances, like supporting BDS, calling climate demonstrations, being for purpose-built quarantine and fighting against anti-lockdown businesses and governments. As Education Officer, I’m for Kambri being turned into an activist zone, friendly to rallies and speak outs to draw in as many students as possible into left-wing activism.