Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Education Officer

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Beatrice Tucker (Grassroots ANUSA)

Hi, I’m Beatrice Tucker (they/them) and I’m so proud to be running for Education Officer with Grassroots ANUSA. Being grassroots means empowering students whose lives are affected directly by decisions from above, to act for themselves. As your Education Officer, I’ll fight for the issues that you want and need me to, at every stage. As an art student at SOAD, I’ve experienced the effects that staff and course cuts have had on my education - it’s issues like these that give me the passion to fight.

Student unions should be grassroots; from supporting departments and fighting wage theft, to rebuilding activism at ANU, I have the experience and determination to make that happen.

Vote [1] for Beatrice for Education Officer and [1] for a Grassroots, Activist, Left-Wing ANUSA.

Read more about how we’re building an activist campus here: