Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Vice President

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Chido Nyakuengama (Grassroots ANUSA)

Hi Hi!! I’m Chido (she/her) and I’m running to be your ANUSA Vice President for 2022. I am a third-year Languages/Development Studies student and the current ANUSA BIPOC Department Officer. The Vice President takes on a lot of responsibility in the operation of the organisation and communicating the needs of students to the University Executive and relevant bodies. I would like to step up to be one of your key advocates in 2022. I will focus on protecting students from discrimination through creating a comprehensive ANU-wide Anti-discrimination policy. I will reinvigorate ANUSA’s relationship with students through a new website and app that will present opportunities for productive engagement. I will redesign the BKSS to be more accessible and better serve the student community. You can read more about my policies over at Vote [1] Chido Nyakuengama for Vice President and vote [1] Grassroots ANUSA.