Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Law Representative

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Katie Byrnes (Grassroots ANUSA)

My name’s Katie (she/they) and I would love to make your voices heard as your College of Law Representative in 2022! Student advocacy and representation is key to improving student life, and especially after the past year of stress and unpredictability, I am passionate about making sure our College is responsive to and supportive of all students. In my roles as Vice President of the ANU Law Students’ Society and Senior Resident at Wamburun, I have seen the effects of COVID on the CoL community: disengagement, uncertainty, and diminished wellbeing. I’m running for CoL rep because I believe that avenues for communication and support must be expanded to ensure students’ needs are being met, allowing them to make the most out of their time at law school. Check out my in-depth policies about improving engagement, fighting course cuts, and bringing the CoL community together here: