Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Law Representative

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Adam Busselmann (Back on Track)

  • I will advocate against unreasonable and disproportionate assessment weighting. I will argue for a more even division of assessment item weighting, so that one bad day won’t decide a student’s overall course mark. 
  • I will demand increased tutorial accessibility and flexibility for all students. Most students have already experienced the challenges of enrolling in tutorials that fit within life commitments. COL has not adequately addressed these issues. This reduces student accessibility to academic support and course contact, such that a student's external commitments and adversities influences their education. By lobbying for flexible tutorial options and improved online infrastructure, student accessibility and experience will be fairer. 
  • I will seek to establish support services for students who face academic adversities to improve learning experiences. By improving the academic and support services to these students, such as by instituting mentorship programs for first-year students from adverse backgrounds, socio-economic restrictions will be fundamentally reduced.