Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Business and Economics Representative

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Isha Singhal (Grassroots ANUSA)

Hi everyone! My name is Isha Singhal (she/her) and I would love to be your College of Business and Economics Representative for 2022. I have a year of experience in ANUSA and I hope to use that understanding to build a better CBE experience for everyone. A few things I want to work on are:

  1. Better tutorial and examination timings for remote students.
  2. CBE Student Social Events!
  3. Auditing of CBE Courses with consistently low SELT reviews
  4. Degree Planning Sessions for CBE Students!
  5. CBE International Job Board (Expanding this beyond China)
  6. An Informal Course Review Doc, so you can make good elective choices.

I have many more ideas and visions but need your support and vote to make it happen! Please vote [1] Isha Singhal for CBE Rep and [1] for Grassroots for ANUSA

You can read more about my policy here: