Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Joint College of Sciences Representative

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Oliver Hervir (Ungrouped)

I’m Oli (he/they), a third-year Science student and JCOS candidate. I’ve been an executive of the Science Society and a first-year chem demonstrator, and therefore have substantial knowledge of both the student and staff side of JCOS. In addition to being an SR, I’ve taken on various mentorship roles across the uni, been a class rep, and helped organise National Science Week, the ACUR conference, and Science in the Pub (amongst other events). My main goals are: (i) to publicise and enhance support networks (in all their forms) by streamlining communications between the College/Clubs and students; (ii) to continue to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion both proactively, and as the need arises; (iii) to work closely with and support student clubs; and (iv) to promote academic excellence and opportunity by running skills workshops and creating a register of all the amazing opportunities both within the ANU and across Australia.