Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Joint College of Sciences Representative

Image for Shriya Bellamkonda-Vaka

Shriya Bellamkonda-Vaka (Grassroots ANUSA)

Hey everyone! My name’s Shriya (she/her) and I would love to be your Joint Colleges of Science Representative for 2022! Having started my STEM degree in the 2020 pandemic year, I am aware of the challenges associated with studying a STEM degree, let alone during a pandemic. As a course rep, social officer for TABOO ANU and mentor for Youth Leading in STEM and SET4ANU, from supporting students on a personal level, to organising charity fundraisers, I have always aimed to ACTION positive change. I’m running for JCOS representative because I believe I have a voice and a vision that can make a difference, which coupled with my diverse experiences with the Youth Advisory Council and the National Youth Science Forum, can bring about sustainable, long-lasting change. Check out my detailed policy on improving engagement, access, and inclusion, and the JCOS feedback system here: