Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Aidan Harris (Power in Community)

Lights - Consultation - Action!

Hi, I'm Aidan Harris (he/him) and I'm running for Gen Rep! I study LLB/Public Policy, live at Wright, and have 3 important objectives for next year!

(1) Student Engagement! ANUSA needs effective ways of knowing how to best represent you! I will set up a framework for ANUSA to determine how best to provide its services. Don't worry - chocolate is involved!

(2) Lights! ANU should have enough light to match its vibrant nightlife. By liaising with ANU Facilities & Services Division, I will advocate for better lighting of our streets to avoid accident and injury to students on-campus.

(3) Strengthening our numbers! ANUSA is looking to incorporate post-graduate students into its ranks. I pledge to help facilitate the transition to a stronger ANUSA - one that works for you!

[1] Aidan Harris for General Representative!
[1] Power in Community!