Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Brodie Taylor (Voices for ANUSA)

My name’s Brodie Taylor, I’m currently studying PPE & Data Analytics.

As much as I loathe Student Politics, the current mob running ANUSA have run this institution into the ground. 

In the face of incumbents engaging in Budget Blowouts, Strangling Student Freedoms and Stifling our Futures; I’ve joined a ticket as a General Representative that is truly independent and focuses on combating these issues with common sense.

My plan is clear.

I will back increasing student support, redirecting funds from cushy ANUSA executive wages and “leadership camps”. I will back student’s careers, including in the ADF, reversing the ADF ban on campus. I will back students’ own decisions, not forcing students off campus if they wish to smoke. I will guarantee consultation with minority groups, not passing insensitive motions on complex issues for political gain.

Opportunity. Freedom. Support.

What voting 'Voices for ANUSA' will deliver for you.