Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Anton Vassallo (Voices for ANUSA)

Hi! I’m Anton; a first-year law and security student. I’m running for ANUSA Treasurer and General Representative with Voices for ANUSA.
I’m running because students are getting a raw deal when it comes to the reckless spending of the ANUSA executive. We’ve got executive members being paid tens-of-thousands of dollars for doing a sub-par job - not on! A vote for me is a vote for slashing executive salaries, balancing ANUSA’s budget and keeping your money in your pockets.
If elected, I won’t take an executive salary because I don’t believe ANU students have an obligation to finance the private lives of the executive. Most of us are going to be paying our HECS debt for several decades after graduation, that means we’ll be paying for current ANUSA executive salaries for years to come. This has to stop.
Vote [1] Anton Vassallo (Voices for ANUSA) for Treasurer and General Representative.