Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Ollie O'Kane (Action for ANUSA)

ANUSA is important – as an activist organisation, a support service, an event organiser, and, of course, your representative institution. I understand how it fundamentally influences the quality of student life. Naturally, I want to maximise its potential. We don’t just need good intentions. We need people who can genuinely implement them. 

You deserve a representative that knows how to hold ANUSA to account while pushing important policy. My policies are both achievable and impactful. They cover areas such as expanding financial support systems, making ANUSA executive purchases and actions more transparent, bringing back meaningful activism by lobbying and protesting, and supporting activism concerning SASH. 

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If you want a candidate with an understanding of how to achieve outcomes in the best interests of students, vote [1] Ollie O’Kane for General Representative and vote [1] Action for ANUSA! for a strong and effective student voice.