Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Arts and Social Sciences Representative - Undergraduate

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Lara Johnson (Action for ANUSA)

Hello! My name is Lara Johnson, I am in my first year studying a bachelor of languages and public policy. I want to help in building a student union that centres students and our experiences during the decision making process. For me, I see an opportunity to better support students studying CASS degrees, because it shouldn’t be administrative challenges or unrealistic expectations that decide how well a student succeeds at this university. 

I hope to create a clear line of communication between the College of Deans and students to better support us during our time studying at ANU. In doing this, I hope to refocus the university administration decision making process to consider more holistically a student's university experience. I will advocate for consultation with students on decisions that directly affect their degree and their university experience, so that they have a say in their future.