Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - President

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Nick Reich (Climate Action for ANUSA and NUS)

The university bosses continue their neoliberal offensive on our learning conditions, charging exorbitant fees for a declining quality of education. Mining and energy companies, with the help of the ALP government, are pillaging the earth for profit, accelerating the already dire effects of the climate crisis. Living costs are rising aggressively, along with profits, whilst wages and welfare have stagnated for decades.

Now more than ever we need a fightback.

Student unions in the past have played crucial roles in leading radical campaigns in the past. But today ANUSA is dominated by rusted-on, conservative bureaucrats without a will or a strategy to fight.

Myself and my fellow candidates in Climate Action for ANUSA + NUS are all experienced socialist activists who have organised and led rallies for climate justice, abortion rights, and solidarity with Palestine this year. As ANUSA office bearers, we would commit resources to organising this fightback.