Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Samuel More (Voices for ANUSA)

Hi, my name is Samuel More and I will be running for a general representative position with the Voices for ANUSA ticket. I am a third-year student studying a double degree in International Relations/International Security Studies.

The banning of the ADF from this year’s market day was a wakeup call as to how much power ANUSA has. The banning of this organisation, which is interlinked with so many university degrees and future careers, showed an outstanding lack of judgement and impartiality.

ANUSA is projected to run a $100,000 deficit. If this is occurring even before university events return to normal, then more must be done to balance the budget.

The current executive was elected by only 11% of undergraduate students. I believe there needs to be alternative voices inside the student union in order to make sure all students voices are heard equally.