Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Sophie Björkman (Voices for ANUSA)

Hi, my name is Sophie! I’m a second-year commerce and business administration student and I will be running for a general representative position with Voices for ANUSA.

Would you rather your student fees go towards services you need instead of hefty wages and retreats for ANUSA executives? Do you think it’s insane that the very organisation made to defend our great nation - the ADF - has been banned from O-week?

As a general representative, I commit to putting the needs of students first. I will vote in favour of motions calling for increased mental health support for students. I will advocate strongly for improved resources and assistance for international students – the financial backbone of the university.

I am also against ANUSA spewing radical political rhetoric – it only distracts from the real issues faced by students.