Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Chris Morris (Climate Action for ANUSA and NUS)

We face a world of crisis. This year has seen a more confident religious far-right trying to wind back women’s and LGBTI rights around the world, inflation and billionaire price-gouging leading to a massive jump in living costs, and the ever-worsening climate disasters driven by coal and gas executives. It is in this context when the government has the backs of the billionaire class, and when the university makes dirty deals with war-mongers, the student union has to organise students to fight back. For this reason, I am running for a general representative position to push ANUSA to be a left-wing, activist organisation. For decades, ANUSA has abdicated this role. We need principled left-wing activists in the union to organise an effective fightback, instead of self-serving bureaucrats who serve their resumes rather than students. Learn more about what we stand for here!