Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - NUS Delegates

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Skye Predavec (Power in Community)

Heyo, I’m Skye (she/her), and I’m running to be one of your NUS delegates!

I'm a second year of PPE/Law, current Queer Advocate and Community representative at Wamburun Hall, and Secretary of PPEsoc. I want to be one of your independent, left wing, voices to the NUS, in particular focusing on:

  • Fighting for a return to free tertiary education for all! We had this once, and most of our politicians benefited from it before taking it away. The NUS should fight to bring Free TAFE and Uni back.
  • Battling Transphobia in our universities! We live in a time of great threat for trans rights, which is close to my heart as a trans woman myself. The NUS should actively fight transphobic legislation, and the French model code which allows Transphobic hatred on campus.

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