Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - NUS Delegates

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Rex Michelson (Power in Community)

My name is Rex (he/him), I seek to represent you in the NUS. 
Independent of factional politics, I  will advocate for NUS to take a strong stance on the climate crisis. The inadequacy of Labor’s current climate bill laying out platitudes and insufficient targets all the while Labor is signing off on a demonstrable number of new oil and gas projects must be opposed by the NUS.

I also seek to oppose and reverse the continued harm of the Job-ready Graduates Package. The reform to university costs to attempt to push students into degrees the Government decides are of better value. This fixation on occupation over the welfare and self-betterment of students all the while we suffer under rising cost of living is unjust. We must push the Government to reverse the package and deliver free education for all.