Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Environment Officer

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Rex Michelson (Power in Community)

I’m Rex (he/him), I am the current General Secretary of the Environmental Collective running for Environment Officer. The ANU’s hypocrisy is evident in its consistent apathy toward environmental issues despite its rhetoric and the position of its student body. With the exacerbation of environmental degradation and climate change it is vital to build strong opposition to the country and our universities' complicity in the climate crisis.
To effect change and strengthen the EC I intend to:

  1. Focus concerted efforts in making the EC’s actions and meetings more accessible through outreach and structural change.
  2. Reinvigorate the fossil free campaign as our flagship project 
  3. Target the ANU council and their stake and interests in environmental degradation 
  4. Take action in opposition to new fossil fuel projects 
  5. Reinvigorate a network of environmental activist organisations that has existed in Canberra in the past 

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