Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Law Representative - Undergraduate

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William Carey (Power in Community)

G’day … I’m Will Carey (he/him) and you are voting for College of Law Representative! I’m hoping you will trust that vote with me!

I’d argue the College has good bones but lacks a reliable, flexible and co-ordinated body. I’m ready to do some body-building …

Success comes down to three critical indicators:

  1. CONSISTENCY: standardised tutorial structure and handouts, better feedback for both staff and students; 
  2. CHOICE: better textbook access, practice exams with answers, diverse supplementary content;
  3. CONNECTION: opt-in study groups, reinvigorated course-representative roles, continued hybrid learning.

I’m running alongside Suzie Ma (she/her) and Power in Community.

Suzie and I are an energetic and ambitious duo. We love listening as much as we love talking, and this makes us ideal representatives!

Cast your eyes over our full-length policies here: 

Vote [1] Will Carey for Law Representative!

Vote [1] Power in Community for all positions!