Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - College of Law Representative - Undergraduate

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Suzie Ma (Power in Community)

Hey everyone, I’m Suzie Ma (she/her) and you are voting for College of Law Representative! I’m hoping you will trust that vote with me!

Change is not something that law is known for, but I’ll be shaking things up with tangible and realistic goals that place student experiences at the forefront. 

Success here comes down to three critical indicators:

  1. CONSISTENCY: standardised tutorial structure and handouts, better feedback for both staff and students; 
  2. CHOICE: better textbook access, practice exams with answers, diverse supplementary content;
  3. CONNECTION: opt-in study groups, reinvigorated course-representative roles, continued hybrid learning.

I’m running alongside Will Carey (he/him) within the Power in Community ticket. 

Will and I are an energetic and ambitious duo. We’ve worked together on numerous projects, and we know how to knuckle down to get things done. Together we are the best team to represent you!

Take a look at our full-length policies here: 

Vote [1] Suzie Ma for College of Law Representative!

Vote [1] Power in Community for all positions!