Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Clubs Officer

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Charlotte Carnes (Power in Community)

Hey, I’m Charlotte Carnes (she/they) and I’m jazzed to be running for Clubs Officer! My time as CASS Rep on ANUSA this year has shown me that empowering students in their communities whether that be their classrooms, res-halls or clubs lies at the heart of our union. This is a perspective I will bring to the role of Clubs Officer using four core tenets of policy:

  1. Listening to students in O-Week and Bush Week and supporting clubs to do what they do best, events!
  2. Building a tighter relationship between departments and clubs to grow and strengthen communities and subsequently, the social scene at ANU.
  3. Breathing the political dimensions of our union’s social scene back into O-Week and Bush Week. 
  4. Bringing postgrads back into the fold of the social scene and the union.

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