Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Education Officer

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Beatrice Tucker (Power in Community)

Howdy, I’m Beatrice Tucker (they/them) and I’m keen to be back and running again for Education Officer!
Building a culture of activist activity was never a one-year plan and I have learned in the role this year the material limitations and realistic pace that Education Organising takes. 

Next year I’m going to focus on these key areas:

  1. Building staff/student solidarity particularly in light of the upcoming Enterprise Bargaining Agreement to garner student support for the strikes
  2. Continuing the momentum against the CASS Course Cuts
  3. Fighting for student money in democratic student hands
  4. Developing accessibility activism 
  5. Develop a new group for mobilising around federal, state and external education and welfare issues
  6. Continuing to build activist culture and skills by learning and doing through struggle. 
  7. Check out my policy here: 

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