Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Education Officer

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Harry Danton-Jack (Action for ANUSA)

Hey!! I’m Harry (he/him). I’m a dedicated unionist who understands the power that we all have when we use our voices collectively, and I know how to get material wins for students from uni management. 

I’m running for students who have progressive values, but feel isolated from the ANUSA bubble. For the student who’s trying to balance their work, uni classes, social commitments but still wants to be a part of progressive activism.

That’s why I’m running on a policy to make the ANUSA Education Committee more accessible - so that more students are able to be involved in campaigns. It’s why I’ve committed to taking actionable steps regarding the climate crisis, cuts to our courses, tenancy rights and ANU’s response to SASH. It’s also why every decision I make as Education Officer will be made with adequate consultation. If that all sounds good to you - chuck me a vote!