Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Vice President

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Brooke McKinnell (Voices for ANUSA)

My name is Brooke McKinnell. I am currently in my second year of Commerce/IR!

When I moved to Canberra two years ago I was amazed how badly ANUSA was run. I am appalled that out SSAF dollars are continuing to be mismanaged by people who care more about executive retreats then providing services to its student. I am appalled that the ADF, an institution that provides so many opportunities for ANU students, is banned from campus.

The current executive is completely out of touch with the average student at ANU, this is why I am running for ANUSA Vice President. I intend to refuse the excessive salary allocated to this position in order to redirect those funds into the services students need. This includes better mental health support, and increased support for rural and international students.

It’s time that the students had a voice on the ANUSA Exec!