Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Undergraduate Member on ANU Council

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Connor Andreatidis (Voices for ANUSA)

My name is Connor Andreatidis and I’m proud to be running for President with 'Voices for ANUSA'.

When talking about ANUSA student elections, independence and diversity is hard to come by. Last year, ‘Grassroots ANUSA’ swept up all available executive positions and had an almost clean sweep Gen Reps.

As a lover of democracy, I would typically not take issue with the result of a fair and honest election. However, ‘Grassroots’ took power with only 11% of ANU’s 10,000 undergraduates casting a vote, they faced little contest from other tickets, and had financing that was three times the amount of the next highest spending ticket.

This year, those same candidates are running again, but they won’t be winning easy.

‘Voices for ANUSA’ is proud to be running as the true independent voice for ANU students. We’re excited to be doing politics differently to fix the broken ANUSA system!