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Beatrice Tucker (Power in Community)

I’m Beatrice Tucker (they/them) and I’m running to also be your NUS delegate to represent you independently at the NUS. As your ANUSA Education Officer this year as well as the NUS’s ACT State Branch President, I have seen that the NUS is not working for you. Most students have never heard of the NUS. NUS office bearers frequently achieve little to nothing over the course of their terms. 

As your NUS Delegate I will

  • Fight for the NUS to actively intervene in the housing crisis that students are facing. 
  • Fight for the NUS to actively push for the Jobs Ready Graduates Package to be reversed.

Power in Community are the only NUS delegate candidates not affiliated with a political party or stupol faction. We will represent students independently at the NUS and represent your interests.

Vote [1] Beatrice Tucker for NUS Delegate!
Vote [1] Power in Community!