Candidate for the position of International Student Department - President

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Mihir Pandey

“Namaste” Australia,


  • To help all the international students with there easy to go 1st week stay in Canberra by providing them with door to door- food service, first aid and all important recourses they need irrespective of their accommodation status, i.e., on campus or off campus
  • A discussion forum and in person consultations for career and science, technology and internship related queries.
  • Arranging funds by contacting different NGO’s for students to help them in their career and survive in hard times.
  • Helping students fight depression and achieve mental harmony
  • Organizing cultural feasts of different counties and religions, once in a two week 
  • To improve students’ health, fitness and mental peace by organizing YOGA classes once a week.
  • By providing direct emergency contact with the ISD heads
  • Planting trees for making this planet a better place by organizing “PLANT ADOPTION WEEKS” randomly.
  • To collaborate with different colleges for various events.