Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Evan Meneses (Grassroots ANUSA)


Hello everybody. My name is Evan (he/him) and I’m determined to become one of your General Representatives in 2022. I’ve been involved in activism for two years - working on campaigns like Fight for the Bight and Fridays For Future. With my organisational and volunteer experience, I’m determined to work with the ANU community to bring my policies surrounding SASH and campus integration to life to improve the conditions and well-being of students on campus. I am sure we can work together to make a better ANU - because I can’t do it alone.

My policies are concerned with improving SASH resources online for ANU students, improving the available information for students prior to moving on-campus, and improving the conditions for new students through improved awareness about available resources. If that interests you, or you’d like to critique my policy (please do!) check it out HERE: