Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Deanna Athanasos (Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA)

Hello! ?? My name is Deanna Athanasos, I’m running as a general representative with Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA next year. I am a first-year student, still working everything out around campus and always getting lost.  I’m from Adelaide, studying straight law off-campus. It’s really important to me that students who make different choices or come from different backgrounds aren’t left behind. I complain far too much about everything that goes wrong with ANU and ANUSA to not make an attempt to try and stop future students from getting as overwhelmed and annoyed as I was. My goal is to make being a first-year a lot easier to understand and create a less stressful environment for students. Having a student union that actually gets shit done should be the priority. (Please Vote [1] Get Sh!t Done for a better student experience and more effective student union!!)