Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Raf Priest (Back on Track)

I’m running as a Gen Rep to represent those at ANU who want practical change for the day-to-day student body at ANU.

I want to see an improvement in the print facilities at ANU, namely increasing print access in the Marie Ray building, cheaper and recyclable print materials and better information for first years on how to print on campus.

I want to investigate means for ANUSA to further support the great work that our student media groups do. During the most recent lockdown it has become clear that the work that they do is crucial, the regular and professional updates for ACT Health announcements alone is to be commended.

Support for our ANU sports programs. Making health and fitness more accessible to all members of the ANU student population. This means both financial support but more importantly support as a community for our teams and programs.