Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - NUS Delegates

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Ben Naiju (Back on Track)

My name is Ben Naiju (he/him) and I’m running for ANUSA Gen Rep and NUS Delegate. I am a first year Political Science and International Security Studies student who has a passion to progress our society toward fairness and equal opportunity.  I strongly believe in student-led bodies, and value its vital role in providing a voice for students here at the ANU and across the nation in the National Union of Students.  

As a candidate, I hope to increase free mental health services for students, provide easy access to hygiene & sanitary products on campus and subsidise the cost of transport and parking for those that need it most and are from low socio-economic backgrounds. The “Back on Track” team and I will also advocate and hold ANUSA accountable and transparent to the general student body. I believe I can be your voice for these issues and many more.