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Sashini Liyanage (Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA)

I’m Sashini (she/her) and I am running for the role of General Representative 2022 with the Get Sh!t Done campaign! I’m passionate about making the ANU experience as positive as possible and am forwarding 3 policies which are summarised below: 

  • The introduction of an online pronoun training module to promote the practice of respectful pronoun use. To initiate and establish this module, I would liaise with the Queer* department, the ANU Respectful Relations unit and potentially external Queer* organisations.
  • The phasing-out of assessments worth more than 50% and the establishment of a standardised rule to annul assessments of this nature. These assessments place unnecessary pressure on students and disproportionately harm students with disabilities.
  • An inquiry into how we can better support SRs, with the goal of establishing a university-wide advocacy and protection system where SRs can assert their needs. 

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