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Lucy Skelton (Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA)

Hey there! My name is Lucy Skelton (she/her), I’m a first-year International Relations and Public Policy student, plant enthusiast, coffee lover and most importantly I’d love to be your 2022 Education Officer! ?? ?? [book emoji] 

Over the past 6 years, I have worked with, local, national and international not for profit groups to take action on social justice and environmental projects. This experience led me to establish the Student Voice Network back in 2018 where we have supported hundreds of young people to take action on the issues important to them. 

I believe this experience would assist me to enact the following policy: 

  • Refugees shouldn’t have to pay International Student Fees!
  • Fee Hikes + University Funding
  • Change The Age of Independence 
  • Support International Students

Find out more about my 9 key policy points here

Thank you!

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