Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - President

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Blake Iafeta (Do Better! with Blake Iafeta)

As President of the Association, I will ­­represent the voice of ANU students by being an impartial and non-partisan leader. Moral integrity seems to be largely absent from student politics, but I can assure the students of ANU that I will only ever act in what I truly believe is their best interest. I intend to solely focus on what directly benefits the students, rather than waste time, energy, and funding on global political issues – as this is what the Association should already be doing. I will also aim to dismantle the cliquishness and elitism that plagues ANU. We need to focus on rebuilding the community and loving one another rather than creating further division over trivial political issues. Student welfare and development should be the only concern of the Association.

For more information on my general aims and goals, you can find my manifesto here.