Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Paria Najafzadeh (Grassroots ANUSA)

Heya! I am Paria (she/her) and am super excited to be running for General Representative for 2022. I am a 2nd year student and am the current BIPOC Advocate for Wamburun Hall, which has introduced me to the world of student advocacy and activism. If elected, I would use the skills I have gained within this role to improve the experience of all ANU students. I will focus on empowering the voices of marginalised communities at student representative meetings and address issues faced by past representatives. I also plan to work on the safe space policy for the ANUSA business preventing the discrimination of staff and students and addressing the use of the space for events. Lastly, I plan on creating a ‘New to ANU’ guide which will provide new students with a centralised source of information and resources. Check out my full policy here: