Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Nick Carlton (Left Action)

We need an activist student association now more than ever – and to make that happen, we need socialists in ANUSA. Our education is under attack from the Liberals and university council, putting profits and swanky new offices for Julie Bishop ahead of student interests. I am running for general representative with Left Action because we need a fighting response to defend courses and jobs at ANU. We need a union that will stand up against university management for its investments in fossil fuels, a union that will stand in solidarity with Palestinians resisting eviction from their homes, and a union that is proud to call itself anti-capitalist. As a general representative, I will campaign for ANUSA to support the COP26 Global Day of Climate Action and the BDS campaign against Israeli apartheid. If you think ANUSA should be full of socialists rather than resumé-stuffing socialites then vote Left Action.