Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Izzy Rigda (Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA)

I’m Izzy Rigda(she/her) and I’m passionate about making sure your voice is heard! As an active member of the Women’s Department, Environment Collective, Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Refugee Action Campaign, I’m ready to bring about real change.

I’m motivated to take a strong stance on SASH advocacy and sustainability. Currently, the ANU has taken no action to combat SASH, and ANU’s ‘Consent Matters’ program is inadequate to incite cultural change. My policy includes:

  *   Consulting with students and the Respectful Relationships Unit to improve consent education, to make it more accessible and to implement interactive consent workshops in residential halls/colleges/lodges.

  *   Implementing a guideline for how clubs/societies can run sustainable events

  *   Engaging off-campus/remote/international students in more events throughout the year, aiming to build a greater sense of belongingness in the ANU community.

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