Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - General Representative

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Azraa Hussain (Get Sh!t Done for ANUSA)

Hi! I’m Azraa (she/they), I’m a second-year International Relations and Psychology student and I’d love to be one of your 2022 ANUSA Gen Reps (and also NUS Delegates)! Since I started at ANU, I’ve been actively involved in the stupol scene, mostly through my time in the ANU Women’s Department, but also through my time living on campus. My experience in these spaces made me realise the cracks in the system that this University has when it comes to student safety, accessibility and sustainability. I’m running for Gen Rep because I’d love to represent the undergraduate student body at ANU and to work with you all to make sure we have the best university and student union possible. Click here if you’d like to read my full policy - I’d love to hear your thoughts (and also have your vote) so vote [1] Get Shit Done for ANUSA!