Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - NUS Delegates

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Grace Carter (Left Action)

The NUS as Australia’s peak student union body has a huge capacity to be able to run political campaigns and lead student activism. The university sector is utilising the financial crisis it’s in to cut courses and jobs across many campuses in Australia. As NUS delegate and a socialist, I would be arguing for the national union to actually take an activist, fighting perspective against these attacks by uni administrations – not collaboration with managers. We need more organised national campaigns, to preserve the quality of our education. I’d also be arguing for the NUS to take up more political positions, like organising more climate crisis demonstrations, supporting the Lockdown to Zero campaign, and actually pressuring the government to commit to purpose-built quarantine under the COVID crisis in order to safely bring back international students and refugees. Vote 1 Left Action to put a genuine, left-wing, socialist activist in NUS.