Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Joint College of Sciences Representative

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Louise Godhard (Back on Track)

1. Women in Stem

Aims to address: The underrepresentation of women as both staff and students in Science

2.          In-Person Teaching

Aims to address: Many science courses use pre-recorded lectures for the entirety of the course. This prevents students from developing any relationship with their lecturer and massively decreases student engagement.

3.          Expanding Research Opportunities

Aims to address: Lack of accessibility to research projects and clarity on the application processes and requirements for students, especially for Physics and Maths disciplines. 

4.          Respectful discussions on Zoom and inclusive online environments

Aims to address: Many students don’t feel valued or are ignored in online zoom workshops, especially women and ESL students. This causes students to become disengaged from learning and the course.

More information and my proposed solutions to these issues can be found on the Back on Track Facebook page.