Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - President

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Christian Flynn (Grassroots ANUSA)

CW: mentions of SASH

Hey, my name’s Christian (he/him) and I’m running to be your President, Undergraduate Member on ANU Council, and a Delegate to the National Union of Students. As your Vice-President of ANUSA this year, I’m proud to have fought for the issues that matter to students, from CRS/CRN to helping write the August 1st ‘Broken Promises’ report to providing food packages to those who needed it most during the recent lockdown.

As President, I want to continue to fight on these issues. From fighting to improving the RRU to working towards an ANUSA Night Cafe on campus, the Grassroots ANUSA team is the right one to back. Back experience and back the team that gets results.

Vote [1] Christian Flynn for President and vote [1] Grassroots ANUSA.  

Read more about my plan for ANUSA here: