Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Welfare Officer

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Sebastian Tierney (Seb for Welfare)

As Welfare Officer I would fight to ensure the welfare supports available to ANU students--from counselling appointments to emergency grants--are as accessible, as effective, as diverse and as numerous as I can. I am running this campaign on my own initiative, without the assistance of a ticket so I can focus on policies I believe will work. I am left-wing,  progressive, experienced and fiercely independent, and want to be your Welfare Officer for 2022. Some of my policies include: 

  • Fighting for access to ANU counselling for students who are overseas and for increased counselling capacity for all. 
  • The establishment of a BIPOC point of contact in the counselling service. 
  • Continuing the work of the Lower the Age of Independence and Save Braddon Centrelink campaigns alongside the Education Officer.  

Check out my policies: and Facebook page: