Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - Welfare Officer

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Grace King (Grassroots ANUSA)

Hi, I’m Grace King (she/her) and I would be ecstatic to be your 2022 Welfare Officer. I am a first-generation student who financially supports myself and an experienced activist. I have had the privilege of being Wamburun Vice President, ANUSA General Representative and Deputy Education Officer this year. I believe in a strong, leftist and activist student union that fights to give students the financial assistance, academic assistance and community that you deserve. I want to implement a mutual aid system, increase and improve how ANUSA services are communicated and accessed, have flexible timetabling and learning at every academic college and foster a healthy, caring community that looks after each other when the university and the government won’t. Check out my vision here Vote [1] Grace King for Welfare Officer and [1] Grassroots ANUSA for a more enjoyable, equitable and safe student experience.