Candidate for the position of ANUSA Elections - NUS Delegates

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Ben Yates (Power in Community)

I’m Ben Yates (he/him) and I’m running to be your delegate to the National Union of Students. As General Secretary this year, I’ve fought for students on university committees and organised in activist campaigns to fight for students.

Power in Community delegates, unlike all other tickets, will work independently at the NUS. We won’t give our votes away to national stupol factions. We will represent your interests.

At the NUS, I will fight for 

  • the NUS to oppose the new government’s University Accords which will undermine student conditions,
  • the NUS to take a position to fight for a return to Universal Student Unionism so ANUSA can be financially independent from the University.

Power in Community is the only major ticket offering an independent, experienced and activist vision. 

Read my policy here: 

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